Chefs at Work

PSG Annes Salad News Recipe

Watching the chefs a work is a sight to behold. Knives are chopping, pots are simmering with vegetables making soup stock, the grill is fired up creating the perfect texture for the asparagus & tenderloin, lemon chicken is marinating, blenders whirling with muffin batter, timers are ringing that the quiche are finished & the cheese grater finishes a new batch of PSG freshly blended authentic Italian cheeses. Fresh vegetables are hand-cut and blended with with olive oil, oregano salt and pepper – a simple but oh so delicious roasted healthy side dish or meal. Quiche is prepared with hand rolled crust and piled high with cheese a selection of crab, roasted vegetables, broccoli & cheddar & Lorraine. This goes on all day! Finding room is a challenge and we are pretty sure they get a kick out of watching us try to fit it all in! Please help . . . come and eat!

Catering party trays are lavishly prepared with mounds of sweets, cheeses & nuts, hors e’oeuvres, sandwich trays, Artichoke & Parmesan dips, spreads, pita toast & crostini to name a few. At Plum Street Gourmet we are deeply committed to blending just the right amount of seasoning and selecting quality ingredients and artfully arranging them to provide you with an exceptional visual & culinary experience!