House Made Soups

Photo by Jordan Bush Photography
Photo by Jordan Bush Photography

Soup is Good Food!

What is soup? By definition soup is a broth, potage, consommé, bouillon, chowder or bisque. Or you could just say the perfect food to satisfy your pallet. It goes with everything from bread, sandwiches and salad or solo to savory and enjoy. You will always find our soup hot and ready by the cup or bowl and a wide selection of pints and quarts in the freezer.

Click here for this months soup calendar.

Tip: the calendar is a great reference for what you might find in the freezer SHHH – don’t tell anyone.

We understand that many of our customers must adhere to a gluten free diet and we have have responded by providing a list of our soups and prepared food that are Gluten Free. Click here for our Gluten Free menu.

Here is a taste of some of the favorites – and for a real taste come into the store. We encourage you sample our soups and prepared foods!

Cream of Cucumber, Cream of Watercress, Gazpacho, Italian Wedding, Kale & Roasted Vegetable, Lemony Chicken Orzo, Manhattan Clam Chowder, Minestrone, Mushroom  Madeira, Pasta Fagioli, Potato Leek, Sausage & Beef Chili, Shrimp Bisque, Southwest Chicken Tortilla, Split Pea with Ham, Squash Chickpea and Lentil, Thai Noodle, Tomato Artichoke, Vegetarian Vegetable, Vicchicoyse