The Garden


Enjoy views of our garden where you will find  mint, rosemary, dill, chives, heirloom tomatoes, peppers, kale, cherry tomatoes, nasturtium & giant sunflowers to name a few. We use herbs to enhance the flavor of our foods & as garnishes. Add rosemary to vegetables dishes or flavor olive oil with rosemary sprigs. Rosemary also adds texture and fragrance to your floral arrangements. Nasturtium is a pretty little edible plant often added to salad for flavor our use the flowers as a delicate garnish to add a bit of color & flair.
More about herbs . . .
Add sprigs to flavor olive oil
Mix into softened butter – spread on fresh-baked bread
Add to marinade when cooking chicken
Add when roasting vegetables such as cauliflower or potatoes

Use the leaves in a salad. The leaves have a hot, peppery taste. Simply chop them up and add to the salad. Add nasturtium petals and leaves to oils, dressings or vinegar. Mince them prior to adding.

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