Themed Stations


Enjoy freshly shucked season oysters on the half shell, creamy mashed potatoes with caramelized onions and apple smoked bacon, pancetta and crumbled blue cheese. Or chicken scampi with matchstick veggies in garlic butter sauce. Or soups, salads, roasted carved turkey with cranberry chutney, lump crab cakes and classic caesar salad with freshly grated parmesan cheese, stir fry, Skewered marinate chicken and chorizo with dipping sauce or Tex Mex souffle or enchiladas to spice it up.

Finish with freshly brewed coffee & teas or international coffee bar for your guests to savor while you cut the cake and the rug!

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Themed Stations Include: New England Raw Bar, Mashed Potato Station, Carving Station, Pasta Bar, Soup Bar, Surf and Turf, Stir Fry, Harvest Table, Tapas Bar, Salad Station, Tex Mex Station Desserts & Coffee Stations